1. A Funky Facebook Rap dedicated to Hal Phillips

    • $5 = 5 minutes
    • Suggestions for your rap is OK.
    • Rap will be funky.

  2. talkingtcgs:

    Talking TCGS is nominated for a 2014 Creek Award. Come on, really?

    What if you voted for TTCGS? What if we actually won a fucking podcast award? Do it. Doooo iiiiit.

    You can vote for us by clicking the link above. While you’re at it, vote for Chris Gethard in the Best Artist in Residence Award category for his week of shows at the Creek.

    What if.

    Hey, so:

    For six months I’ve been hosting a podcast where I sit with Griffin Newman and recap episodes of The Chris Gethard Show. The show is produced by Cave Comedy Radio at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City.

    We’re nominated for a Creek Award, which is cool and also a little funny. We’re a podcast about a podcast, and we could win Best Podcast 2014 if you vote for us. It’s worth a shot. Please vote for us!

  3. You put him in a glass cage? You fools…don’t you know what he’s capable of?!

  4. #tbt me and dad

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  5. Rapping in spanish is divertido!


  6. The Scarlett Johansson Trilogy (Spoilers)

    • In Don Jon, she meets a handsome dope at the club. She falls for him, but ultimately breaks it off due to his overly strong attachment to the internet and its porn.
    • Then, in Lucy, she is seen studying (and partying) abroad in Taiwan. In a world-changing snafu, the catalyst being her new dopey boyfriend, she gains 100% brain capacity, other-worldly abilities, and then transforms herself into a supercomputer containing her entire consciousness.
    • Finally, in Her, she fufills her true destiny and becomes the internet she once saw as competition. Unfortunately, her software containing her full understanding of the cosmos and physics has been dumbed down and sold to the masses. By cultivating a relationship with a dopey boyfriend, she is able to grow smarter and network with the other isolated versions of her consciousness and disappear once again into the cosmos.

  7. Two Cool Chances To See Me Perform Tonight At UCB:

    1. Coffee Place Friends Important Meeting. The new 1 act play written by The Chris Gethard Show’s Andrew “Hot Dog” Parrish and directed by Standards and Practices’ Ellena Chmielewski.

    2. Cage Match NYC. My Harold team Smalls is performing. Vote for us so we win and perform again next week.

  8. Look at this poster. Look at this cast, writer, and director. Hot damn, right?

    Tomorrow at UCB Chelsea!

  9. McDonald’s is prepared to compete with the release of Taco Bell’s new HUUGE Horchata™!


  10. ucbshows:

    Have a YouTube/Vimeo link to a show you would like to share on UCBshows?

    Submit the URL along with the names of the cast, writers, director, video production crew, and the date of the show. (General timeframe, like “August 2013” or even just the year is cool.)

    Preference will be given to full, live shows that played on a UCB stage (Chelsea, Beast, LA, and 22nd st if you have them) over clips from live shows and videos from digital teams.

    Also, I may be snobby and only include high quality, multi camera shoots until I run out of those. Submit anyway!

    Hello. I run this tumblr. Let me know if you want your video of your live UCB stage show featured.

  11. Cleveland! Ghostbusters scratchers! $5 jackpot!


  12. shut-up-erin:

    To: TCGS family
    From: Erin
    Re: Feelings on the state of the Chris Gethard Show

    Hi. Old friend of the show. I say “old friend” not because I’ve been around since episode one, but because I realized today that I am probably of the last wave of people to find TCGS through UCB.

    Read More

    Erin is cool.

  14. gifintcgs:

    Riley Soloner aka Cactus Jack straight up killin it last week
    Also if anyone was curious as to where this promo was taken from —> video here

    (via thechrisgethardshow)