1. McDonald’s is prepared to compete with the release of Taco Bell’s new HUUGE Horchata™!


  2. ucbshows:

    Have a YouTube/Vimeo link to a show you would like to share on UCBshows?

    Submit the URL along with the names of the cast, writers, director, video production crew, and the date of the show. (General timeframe, like “August 2013” or even just the year is cool.)

    Preference will be given to full, live shows that played on a UCB stage (Chelsea, Beast, LA, and 22nd st if you have them) over clips from live shows and videos from digital teams.

    Also, I may be snobby and only include high quality, multi camera shoots until I run out of those. Submit anyway!

    Hello. I run this tumblr. Let me know if you want your video of your live UCB stage show featured.

  3. Cleveland! Ghostbusters scratchers! $5 jackpot!


  4. shut-up-erin:

    To: TCGS family
    From: Erin
    Re: Feelings on the state of the Chris Gethard Show

    Hi. Old friend of the show. I say “old friend” not because I’ve been around since episode one, but because I realized today that I am probably of the last wave of people to find TCGS through UCB.

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    Erin is cool.

  6. gifintcgs:

    Riley Soloner aka Cactus Jack straight up killin it last week
    Also if anyone was curious as to where this promo was taken from —> video here

    (via thechrisgethardshow)

  7. Aaaaalright, I’m listening!

  8. %$^%*^&%#^$#^@$%#)(*&*

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    Written by Riley Soloner

    Shot by David Bluvband.

    Edited by Riley Soloner.

  11. I have a new video going online MONDAY.

    If you want to see it on a big screen on SATURDAY, come to Red Hot Video Fun Time. This will be the first time I’ve ever publicly screened a video and I’m excited. Also, the lineup of other people who are screening videos is actually fucking amazing. Look.

    It’s like my old videos. Making it made me happy. Hope you like it.

  12. halphillips:

    My personal song of the summer is “Nutmeg” by Ghostface Killah. It’s like you climbed to the top of a mountain during perfect weather and did a bunch of cocaine and transformed into a song.

    Nutmeg by Ghostface. As long as I’m a creator, I will strive to create my “Nutmeg.”

    This song is the apex of Ghostface’s natural and technical talent perfectly intersected with a supreme confidence in his abilities to perform like only he can.

  14. robotriley:

    Before you skip past this long post, which is definitely about pro wrestling, I think you should watch what happens in this video at 3:15 and see what these guys do in 60 seconds flat. Here’s a link that starts at 3:15.

    I’m not going to try and convince you to like pro wrestling. But I will say it’s a misunderstood performance art. I’ll just come out and say it, and you’ll either get it or you won’t: 

    Professional Wrestling is a Lot Like Improv Comedy.


    A Well Performed Wrestling Match is Like a Well Written Sketch Show.


    If You Are A Comedy/Comic Book Nerd, Professional Wrestling Might Be More Interesting To You Than You Once Thought.

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    In honor of tonight’s spontaneously pro wrestling themed episode of #TCGS, I’m reblogging my piece on how it’s fun to enjoy it the same way you might enjoy improv, sketch, and comic books. Check it out!


  15. Ticket guy at Lakemba station sees my CBLT jumper

    1. "Coconut Berry.. <i>Lemon</i> Tree? Is that an actual thing?"
    2. "Yeah totally! It's rare but it's real."
    3. "Wow!"