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    This Week on TCGS! February Beach Party (To Save Vacation Jason!)

    I know TCGS is normally all about silly jokes and dumb stunts, but we have to get serious for a second. Vacation Jason, the world’s foremost vacation expert, has lost his memory. He is currently going by the name “Jason Reinlib”, and hasn’t been anywhere near a pina colada in days. 

    We have to help him, and we’re going to do it the only way we know how. By throwing a beach party in February!

    This Wednesday night, we’re going to emulate being on a beach in our studio – people are encouraged to tan, we’ll have tiki torches, we may try to figure out a way to have people surfing in the studio. Our goal is that by exposing him to as much of a tropical environment as possible, we can snap our old pal out of it and he can go back to being the fun loving and personally frustrating to me icon we all know and love and also I hate.

    You internet kids can also help us out with Vacation Jason fanart, gifs, and anything else you think we can use to jog our friend/nemesis’s memory!

    Scary. If we don’t get Vacation Jason back soon, how will he be able to put on his show, Vacation Jason Island Flavors, at the UCB Theatre on March 7th and March 28th? Super scary.

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    I recently started watching The Chris Gethard show and it was a revelation. Long Live Vacation Jason.
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    Scary. If we don’t get Vacation Jason back soon, how will he be able to put on his show, Vacation Jason Island Flavors,...
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    I fucking love this.
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