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Operating in Brooklyn.

Red hair. Sort of tall.

-I do comedy at the UCB Theatre in NYC, which is fun.

- Sometimes I write bits and perform them on The Chris Gethard Show.

-My YouTube Page is full of videos I made when I was just a little dude.

-My Twitter account has things I write that you can read.

24th June 2013

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I have a friend who maintains an email-based music club. He offered to feature a small piece I wrote about Coconut Berry Lemon Tree and a link to the download. A couple emails later, there was a miscommunication and he included what I wrote and the link in TODAY’S EMAIL to the music club. I’m sitting here assuring you that this was 100% accidental.

I’m over the moon excited and delighted. I find it hilarious that #CBLT has leaked one day before the official release. This wasn’t part of the plan at all. It is a genuine, accidental, for real leak of the “highly anticipated” Vacation Jason mixtape.

So, if you got your hands on it early, congratulations! Let me know what you think.

Everybody else: Midnight.

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