1. 100 Things You’d Find On A Desk

    1. Computer
    2. Mug
    3. Pencil
    4. Pencil Holder
    5. Paper Clip
    6. Paper
    7. Rubber Band
    8. Jar of Peanuts
    9. Cell Phone
    10. Landline Phone
    11. Speaker Phone
    12. External Hard Drive
    13. Computer Speakers
    14. Printer
    15. Pen
    16. Rolodex
    17. Letter Opener
    18. Envelope
    19. Family Photo
    20. Stress Ball
    21. Action Figure
    22. Bag of Chips
    23. Ashtray
    24. Cigarette
    25. Keyboard
    26. Mouse
    27. Tape Recorder
    28. Camera
    29. Post It Note
    30. Thumbtack
    31. Scotch Tape
    32. Water Bottle
    33. Highlighter Pen
    34. Takeout Menu
    35. Hair
    36. Book
    37. Wallet
    38. Keys
    39. Wristwatch
    40. Clock
    41. Scanner
    42. Scissors
    43. Pendulum Toy
    44. Business Card
    45. ID
    46. Paperweight
    47. Inbox
    48. Outbox
    49. Coffee Stain
    50. Sugar Packet
    51. Stevia Packet
    52. Milk Carton
    53. Half and Half Carton
    54. Coffee Stirrer
    55. Book About Coffee
    56. Simple Syrup Residue
    57. Coffee Grounds
    58. Coffee Puddle
    59. French Press
    60. Coffee Grinder
    61. Coffee Grounds Measuring Cup
    62. Coffee Grounds Measuring Spoon
    63. Keurig Machine
    64. Keurig Machine Instruction Manual
    65. Keurig Coffee Pod
    66. Broken Coffee Mug
    67. Broken Glass (Old French Press)
    68. Band Aids
    69. Gauze
    70. Paper Towels
    71. Burn Ointment
    72. Coffee Beans
    73. Coffee T-Shirt
    74. Starbucks Gift Card
    75. Thermos
    76. Plastic Cup
    77. Jar
    78. Bowl
    79. Saucepan
    80. Frying Pan
    81. Bucket
    82. Blueprints for “Mega Coffee” Facility
    83. Bunson Burner
    84. Fire Extinguisher
    85. Goggles
    86. Fireproof Apron
    87. Rubber Gloves
    88. Respirator
    89. Defribilator
    90. Miniature Maze
    91. Test Mice
    92. "Mega Coffee" Prototype NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION
    93. Mouse Feces
    94. Mouse Bones
    95. "Mega Mice"
    96. Blood
    97. Apology Letter
    98. Memoirs
    99. Secret Plans for “Mega Coffee: Phase 2”
    100. Glasses
  2. My Harold teammate (and Coconut Berry Lemon Tree producer, and all around great guy) Patrick Noth made a series of music videos with Morgan Evans for MTV. The series is called Music Television.

    The videos are really funny.

  3. Improv support moves as band T-Shirts

  4. Improv forms as band T-shirts

  5. New York Improv practice spaces as band T-shirts

  6. redhotvideo:


    Cray Train

    So funny

  7. !!VIDEO!!

    This video is about The Ramones.

    Special thank you to David Bluvband, Susan Casey, and Orlando Olier.

  8. I made a video for all you Ramones fans out there.

    Come see it in Brooklyn this Friday at Red Hot Video Fun Time. The last one was a huge fun PARTY with FREE BEER and this will ALSO have PARTY TIMES and FREE BEERS.

    $5 gets you in the door to see a ton of unreleased videos made by cool people. And then you get to dance with the people.

    Or, watch it when it goes online Monday. Seriously consider coming to RHVFT if you can. It’s very cool.

  9. Bluvband came all the way to Astoria at SUNRISE to lay in the grass and take pictures of my dairy product collection. I love him.

  10. Halloween Socks 1

  11. THE_ZYPER was kicked out of this band.

  12. Watch Referee Robot Riley get beat up by inanimate objects on Vine.

  13. jesslane:


    Just let it play.  This is why the Internet. 

    This was delightful. Recommend.

    Best Monoscene 2014

  14. Welcome to my new apartment. I have a blue bathroom.

  15. staff:

    Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


    Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

    (Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

    Please sign this. I signed up for Time Warner Internet today. They’re already fucking me over, so let’s try to prevent them from fucking me/us over even worse.

    (via brennanleemulligan)